Dee Richards began writing at age 8 on an old, electric typewriter that her mom gave her. After three decades of writing as a hobby (eventually upgrading to a computer), Dee finally began the journey toward writing as a life. Dee is a 3rd generation SoCal native, an intersectional feminist, and LGBTQ+ writer. Her/Their current short story publications showcase a wide range of genres and topics, including: Creative Non-Fiction, Dark Comedy, Surrealist Fiction, and Poetry. However, Dee also enjoys working in magical realism, horror, and the occasional Sci-Fi piece. While Dee prefers short form work due to its ability to say a lot in a little space, Dee has planned & outlined a novel with series potential. After 30 years of doubt, Dee decided that the only thing ever holding them back was fear. Dee is the embodiment of that old adage: “It’s never too late to pursue your dreams.”

What Writing Means to Me…

Is connection. Not only connection with the world at large, but connection to my own thoughts and interiority. In writing feminist works, I connect to my own strength and that of feminists of all genders. Writing about overcoming trauma connects me to an expansive network of survivors. If my words can empower, intrigue, or make another person feel (if ever so briefly) understood, then I connect with my vision of true success.

What Feminism Means to Me…

Is power in a world that has told us to remain powerless. Feminism is necessary. Feminism is intersectional. Feminism is queer. Feminism, to me, is no longer hiding. It is embracing the fight I face, since this war will rage on with or without me. Will I sit idly by and watch my rights stripped? My body abused? My mind poisoned? I will not. I choose to rise.

What Being a Survivor Means to Me…

Is never growing tired of the battle. As a survivor of abuse and assault, I know what it takes to find freedom. In my struggles with trauma-related anxiety and depression, I know that physical freedom is only the first step, and it will be a challenge for the rest of my life. My healing is in writing and telling my stories, in uplifting other survivors, and being prepared to take on injustice in all its forms. Being a survivor is connection.



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Twitter: DeeRichardsOC

About Dee


“The Static” Winter 2021. Epoch Press Literary Journal : Issue 1, “Beginnings”. PURCHASE ISSUE HERE

“Thoughts Before I Am Sawed in Half” January 2021. The Cabinet of Heed Literary Journal: Issue 42

“The Day After Christmas” January 19, 2021. The Daily Drunk.

“Meine Geschichte” September 1, 2021. Cardigan Press, Byline Legacies Anthology

“Investment” October 2021. Cape Magazine, Issue 3: Unamused.

“Ritual Language” October 2021. Analogies and Allegories Magazine, Issue 6: Magic.

“Condemnation” November 2021. Hecate Magazine Anthologies, Issue 2: Decay.

“Pen” June 2022. Fahmidan Journal, Issue 12: Surrealist Spring.

Awards & Achievements

1st Place San Francisco Regional Winner, JACS National Essay Contest, 2004

1st Place National Winner, JACS National Essay Contest, 2004

2nd Place Winner, Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District Science Writing Contest, 2009

Grossmont Community College’s 24th Annual Literary Arts Festival “New Voices: Student Reading” Presentation Selectee, 2020

University of California Irvine Grant Recipient, 2021, 2022

Bernard Osher Foundation Scholarship Recipient, 2021

University of California Irvine Humanities Honors Program Selectee, 2021, 2022

University of California Irvine Humanities Honors Program Grant Recipient, 2022

University of California Irvine Undergraduate Digital Humanities Fellowship Recipient, 2022

UTeach for UCI Selectee for Course on “Introduction to Graphic Memoirs”, 2022-2023

Current Projects

June 2022 – September 2022
Research Project in Association with University of California Irvine’s School of Humanities & UC Irvine’s Library Department on Digital Humanities

To view this and other project presentations for the 2022 Summer Digital Humanities Cohort, CLICK HERE

To view the project, “The Mark of the Minotaur”, CLICK HERE

September 2021 – June 2023
Thesis Research Project in Association with the University of California Irvine Humanities Honors Program
Head Researcher: Professor A. McClanahan, Dept. of English.

Project Overview: Creatively exploring the links between domestic violence and the uncanny

Other Projects in Development

Narrative Dice-Rolling Game
Magical Realism Comic Series
Magical Realism Novel Series
Creative Non-Fiction Short Story Collection
Science Fiction Novella

One Sentence Reviews

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Posted Reviews

“Lighter Than My Shadow” by Katie Green

“Here” by Richard McGuire

“Yes, I’m Hot in This” by Huda Fahmy

“Happily Ever After & Everything in Between” by Debbie Tung

“Everything is Beautiful, and I’m Not Afraid” by Yao Xiao

“Blossoms and Bones: Drawing a Life Back Together” by Kim Krans

“Dancing After TEN” by Vivian Chong and Georgia Webber

“Here” by Richard McGuire, Photo by Dee Richards

More Writing

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Excerpt from “The Feminine Non-Binary”

Dee Richards, August 2, 2022

“Transgender women, cisgender women, transgender men, non-binary AMAB and AFAB – All of us are victim to the violence perpetrated upon ‘she’.”

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